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Hello, Welcome to Bourbon & Baby Blues

Hello.  I am Kelly!  Thanks for stopping by.  "Why Bourbon and Baby Blue?' you ask.  I spent several days brainstorming names that I could fit a blog into, reading other articles about how people named their blog, trying to be witty and creative, but also user friendly.  I must have added at least 50 names to the list of possibilities (yes, I LOVE lists...which you will see frequently if you become a Bourbon & Baby Blues regular).  After much deliberation and MANY vetoes, this just came to me one day while staring into my baby's beautiful blue eyes and a bottle of bourbon (or three) was sitting out on the bar.  Two things I love those beautiful blue eyes and bourbon; helps that the name had a catchy ring to it.

Now you know the name of my blog, now a little bit about me.  I am a southern mama currently out of my element living in Pennsylvania, thanks to my husband's career motivated wanderlust...but hey I knew what I was getting into when I met an Ohio gentleman living in Lexington, Kentucky.  Since we got married we have moved from Kentucky to Florida to Pennsylvania.  Why did we leave Florida is the popular question and the only answer is I missed snow and cool weather, and I have a husband who believes (through 9 years of wedded programming...I mean wedded bliss) 'Happy Wife, Happy Life.'  I have a degree in psychology and a background in Human Resources, so I have learned a little bit about people but still so much to learn. 

I became an "advanced maternal age" mama earlier this year...not my term that is what the medical community actually believes is less insulting than geriatric.  I have an amazing baby boy who has been the inspiration, not only for the name of this blog but for this new path my life is now following...blogger, Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant and stay at home mama.

In this blog, I hope to share some great stories (beware of the sarcastic dry wit and frequent self deprication), a little bit of what I have learned in my short time as a mom, and some great recipes (food and drink, of course).

I look forward to hearing from my readers, so please send me your comments and questions.  Also, would love to keep in touch with you so please sign up for my mailing list!

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Kelly Detterman

Founder & CEO

I look forward to sharing ideas, recipes and funny stories through my blog and hope to hear from readers.  Please add your answers/questions on the forum or contact me via the contact form!

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