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Dollar Shave Club

I had a different blog post planned for today but I just had to share my experience with Dollar Shave Club. As a lot of my purchases lately have begun, I found Dollar Shave Club in my Facebook feed. I have been working on embracing my inner Yes (wo)Man and have said yes to a few things I have come across on Facebook; pacifiers, product testing, shaving supplies, sleep sacks, meal name it. I have been so please with my Facebook 'yes' experiences but wasn't sure what I would think of Dollar Shave Club. I am definitely a member of the pink razor club and was sucked in by their commercial ad about paying more for the pink razor club. I went ahead and clicked the ad and was taken to a quick sign up screen. How do you say no to under $10.00 a month of razors...I am definitely paying more than that for my pink razors.

My box arrived and I have a razor handle and 4 razor blades PLUS a shave butter. Admittedly, my box sat for about 2 weeks after I received it because I just didn't think about it until I was in the shower...and I am so excited when I actually find time to get in the shower there is no way I am getting back out. Today, however, I remembered it as I was on my way to the shower so I paused to open the box. First off, inside the box is a "Member Handbook" and a "Bathroom Reader." Everything is packaged neatly and the "Bathroom Reader" was a Back to School edition with articles on "Surviving the Carpool," "What Did Your Teachers do on Summer Vacation, Anyway," and more. It isn't a New York Times Bestseller but an quick fun read nonetheless.

Now for the real reason I ordered, the razor. First off, it is definitely a more masculine razor than I am used to. It is heavier than my pink razor. It has 6 blades versus my usual three blades. Also, this razor is the standard male razor silver and blue. All that aside, with the first stroke of this razor I was super pleased. The shave was smooth and my legs felt amazing when I was done. Bonus, I didn't get any nicks or cuts from this razor and it even worked great on contoured areas like the back of my knees, armpits and ankles.

Now for the surprise superstar of my Dollar Shave Club box...the Dr. Carver's Shave Butter. I really didn't choose this product and wasn't expecting much. I love my current shave cream and only received this because it was included in my starter box. Otherwise, I had no plans to order/reorder this product. First off, I love the size of this product. At 3 oz, it is big enough to last a while, considering what a small amount I needed to use to get a comfortable shave, but small enough that I can take this in my carryon luggage.

Overall, I would say that Dollar Shave Club is a great value and a great set of products. Sign up via this link and you can try your first month of products for as little as $3.00 for a razor handle and 4 or 5 blades. I recommend splurging on "The Executive;" it really is awesome. Give it a will not be disappointed.

So go ahead and order before the leg shaving season is over!

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