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Popsicle Daiquiri

Summer screams popsicles! I walk down the frozen treat section every grocery trip and 90% of the time I walk right past the popsicles without a second thought but during summer I just can't help myself. I bring them home and I dive right in on day one. Then the inevitable occurs; the slide to the back of the freezer and go untouched for the rest of summer. I LOVE them but I forget about them and they are replaced by Ice Cream novelties and fro-yo and just like that...summer is over. This leaves me with the difficult decision of what to do with these delicious frozen fruit juice. Today I decided I would not be wasteful, I was not going to throw these away or leave them in the freezer to take up space. This is how this delicious daiquiri was born. Today's variety is a Strawberry Popsicle Daiquiri with a Pina Colada Twist. The popsicles replace ice making the flavor extra delicious in this daiquiri.


4 oz Rum

2 oz Pina Colada Mix

1/2 cup Frozen Strawberries

2 Lime Popsicles

4 Strawberry Popsicles

1 Lime (zested)

Sugar for rimming the glass


2 Straws


Prepare the glasses:

Combine sugar and lime zest on a small plate or flat/shallow bowl to rim.

Moisten top of each glass with lime juice and dip in sugar mixture.

Prepare the daiquiri:

Add rum, frozen strawberries, popsicles (sticks removed) and lime juice to the blender and blend until smooth. No need for ice because the popsicle and strawberries are already frozen.

Divide into two prepared glasses. Add straw and enjoy!

Enjoy this one soon before summer comes to an end this weekend!

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