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My R + F Journey

Updated: Aug 22, 2018

As Paul Harvey would say...and now the rest of the story...

Before I knew I was pregnant, back when I still thought it was just never going to happen, I wondered how I would be able to go back to work after only 12 weeks off with a new baby. I know people do it all the time and there are plenty of moms who can’t even take off 12 weeks to spend with their bundle of joy...but let's tell the whole story; I cried when I dropped my cat off at kitty daycare and she refused to come out of her carrier AND I cried even more when I picked her up and they informed me she hadn’t come out of her carrier or eaten all day. How would I ever leave a baby at day care. I would be a hot mess.

When I was placed off work 5 weeks before my scheduled induction due to high blood pressure I quickly did the math and realized my leave time would be over when our little man would only be 7 weeks old. Everyone at work kept predicting that I would not return to work but I had been working for over 20 years and over 10 years now in Human Resources...I was used to being busy and used to being around people all day every day.

Little man was born after a very long induction, followed by a not so text book c-section (but I will save that story for a later date) and I was exhausted but smitten. I barely slept in the hospital and I have barely slept since.  He has been a full time job plus and if I thought I was busy before, I wasn't even ready for being a mama.  At 6 weeks old, I received a letter from my HR department stating that I was due back to work next week...WHAT?!  Where did the time go?!  I had considered the possibility of not going back to work, but wasn't fully prepared to actually resign my position.  I felt guilty leaving my coworkers and my boss, but I know I would not be able to handle leaving my baby in daycare and we live so far away from family there weren't any other options that I felt comfortable with (remember I cried dropping off a cat at daycare at that didn't even include the "Baby Blues").  So I bit the bullet and I went in to talk to my manager to let her know I would not be returning to work...I took Liam with me for reinforcements.  Who can get mad when they see the reason I couldn't return. Luckily, she was great and was completely supportive of my decision.  Little man's "baby blue" eyes are pretty hard to resist, so I am sure she understood.

5 months in, I am spending my days entertaining a baby, but what else?  I love spending my days with my little guy and seeing what new things he learns every day...even though lately he seems to save the big things like rolling over for the first time when he is alone with dad...FOR 5 MINUTES while I take a shower!!!  I signed up for Peanut to meet other moms and we've had some great play dates, but I needed something to occupy my was starting to melt a bit.  I was doing some really stupid stuff; literally searching for your phone to record an email address while I was on my phone and I mean SEARCHING, even checking the refrigerator where I left it the day before.  That is only the beginning of the ridiculousness.

I tried a few things to keep myself busy.  I actually enjoyed selling on Poshmark and that has been an excellent way to clean out my closet but not particularly challenging.  (In case you aren't familiar with Poshmark it is an app for buying and selling consignment goods (sign up here with code kelly93080 for a $5.00 credit.)  I have been doing this for several months and while I have sold a lot, it seems to have the opposite effect of cleaning out my closet.

Then one day a friend invited me to a Rodan + Fields virtual event and I said yes...not because I needed anymore skincare products (Hello. My name Kelly and I am an Ulta/Sephoraholic) but you just have to meet this friend to understand; she is impossible to not like and she already convinced me to try Rodan + Fields Lash Boost and she was NOT was amazing. I attended the virtual event, saw the great product deals, read some amazing stories of business successes and I had already seen my friend's success...and her AAAMAZING SKIN!!! So, I asked the question which started the conversation...How much time do you spend on this a week? I don't remember the exact answer, but I recall thinking 'You made it to where you are with that little bit of time and you get to be there for your girls' school events, sick days, whatever else?'

I was also thinking this is an AWESOME deal since I was already planning a purchase. I would get consultant pricing on my own products...and in spite of my Ulta/Sephoraholic status I had yet to find anything that was dealing with the fact that I had been uncomfortable in my skin for YEARS...and I do mean YEARS. Since my childhood I have dealt with sun damaged skin (and I mean elementary school years), acne beginning in my teens and then the frown lines...I am a concentration scowler from way back-ask me about my wedding photo that made mu husband think I was mad at him when I was walking down the aisle (not mad, just trying not to trip).

I said yes to the Rodan + Fields opportunity...I jumped right in. I never wanted to sale anything and I still don't, but I love sharing amazing products with my friends, family, former coworkers or strangers in the aisles at the grocery store. I have a recommendation for just about every shopping wipes, cleaning products, shoes, food, you name it...just don't ask me about electronics. I had also already been telling anyone who asked and everyone who would listen about Lash Boost so why not the rest of the product line.  I love my Reverse Regimen and everything else I have used. So far everyone who has purchased Rodan + Fields products has LOVED them and actually thanked me for helping them find the is amazing product. So, I get the privilege of being a stay at home mom to one amazing little man and helping others be more comfortable in their still time for my Poshmark closet and play dates. What could be better?!

Bonus, I got my first promotion in my first full month as a consultant and my eyelashes look amazing.

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